Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The MTI officers are governed by the CDA rules of the SCI. The cadets and course participants adhere to the campus rules of MTI.

Model Code of Conduct for the Students

This Model Code of Conduct shall apply to all students of MTI Campus whether admitted prior to the commencement of this Code or after, and will apply to all acts committed by them whether inside the Campus or outside.
No student or groups of students of MTI Campus shall indulge in any of the following acts amounting to misconduct and indiscipline:
  • Ragging in any form.
  • Sexual harassment of any kind which shall also include:
    Unwelcome sexual proposition/advancements, sexually graphic comments of a body, unwelcome touching, patting, pinching or leering of parts of the body
    or persistent offensive or unwelcome sexual jokes and/or comments.
  • Eve-teasing or disrespectful behaviour or any misbehaviour with a girl student, woman staff member/visitor.
  • Arousing communal, caste or regional feeling or creating disharmony among students or employees.
  • Consuming or possessing dangerous drugs, liquor or other intoxicants.
  • Smoking in public areas.
  • Indulging in acts of gambling.
  • Any act of moral turpitude.
  • Damaging or defacing or unauthorised shifting of any property of the MTI or the property of any employee of the MTI.
  • Breaking open locked rooms, cupboards, safes, lockers and so on, and unauthorised locking of open rooms of the MTI.
  • Causing disturbance to and hindering the smooth functioning of classrooms, libraries, laboratories, workshops, canteens, mess, hostels or office.
  • Use of abusive, defamatory, derogatory or intimidatory language against any student or employee of the MTI or visitor to the MTI.
  • All acts of physical violence including pelting of stones and other objects.
  • All forms of coercion and intimidation such as wrongful confinements, gheraos, laying siege, sit-ins, blocking entry and exit, prevention of normal movement of traffic ,or any variation of the same, which disrupt the normal academic and administrative functioning of the MTI and which deter the Officers, Faculty and other employees of the MTI from discharging their duty, and which disturb their right to privacy and free movement.
  • Deliberate boycott of classes, practicals and field visits as part of protest.
  • All forms of demonstration which have the effect of bringing down the public image of the MTI including shouting of slogans, display of condemnatory placards, burning of effigies, taking out protest marches, resorting to hunger strikes and so on.
  • Talking to the media or publishing/posting of content on the Internet including social media and You Tube with the intention to slander or bring disrepute to the MTI, or any student or section of students, or any Officer, Faculty or other employee of the MTI.
  • Bringing any political or other outside influence in respect of academic or disciplinary matters pertaining to the MTI.
  • Furnishing false certificates or false information in any manner to the MTI.
  • Committing forgery, tampering with the Identity Card or MTI records, impersonation, misusing MTI property (movable or immovable), documents and records, tearing of pages, defacing, burning or in any way destroying the books, journals, magazines and any material of library or unauthorized photocopying or possession of library books, journals, magazines or any other material.
  • Theft of movable property belonging to the MTI or any person.
  • Using unfair means in any examination and committing other examination-related offences.
  • Indulging in plagiarism in projects, assignments and papers submitted by students as a part of their academic activities.
  • Unauthorized occupation of the hostel room or any other MTI premises and unauthorized acquisition and use of MTI property in one’s hostel room or elsewhere.
  • Causing or colluding in the unauthorized entry of any person into the Campus or in the unauthorized occupation of any portion of the MTI premises, including hostels, by any person.
  • Not joining the Campus on the opening day of a semester and overstaying on leave without valid justification.
  • Leaving the Campus without prior permission of the competent authority, and staying outside the Campus beyond the permitted timings.
  • Not complying with the stipulations of Parade, Roll Call, Fall-in-Line and Physical Training wherever applicable.
  • Not maintaining due decorum in class rooms, libraries, laboratories, workshops, hostels, mess and canteen.
  • Improper behaviour while on tour or excursion.
  • Violation of dress code of MTI.
  • Any other offence under the law of land.
  • Non-compliance with any instructions issued by the Principal or any other Competent Authority from time to time.

In addition to “Measurement, Analysis and improvement” as established in Apex Manual, following procedures are established at MTI Department level for MTI IMS Incident Investigation


The purpose of this procedure is to:
  • dentify the people responsible for reporting an incident authorizing and conducting the investigation, and initiating subsequent corrective and preventive actions
  • Provide incident-investigation guidance / training to staff with this responsibility
  • Provide for the timely investigation of an incident
  • Ensure that the root causes and factors contributing to an incident are identified, and that steps are taken to reduce the risk of a recurrence
  • Include provision for determining the actions needed to reduce the risk of related incidents
  • Ensure that incident investigation findings are retained and, if necessary, periodically reviewed to determine where further improvements to management systems, standards, procedures or practices are required
  • Specify methods for determining whether liaison is needed with industry groups (such as classification societies or equipment manufacturers) to avoid a similar incident on other ships
  • Ensure that lessons learnt from incident investigation are shared among the department and used to facilitate improvements in safety, health and environmental performance

Procedure to deal with voilations of Code of Conduct by Course Participants in SCI/MTI Campus

This Code of Conduct shall apply to all participants of all courses being conducted at SCI/MTI Campus. No student or groups of students of Campuses shall indulge in any of the following acts amounting to misconduct and indiscipline:


The purpose of this procedure is to:
  • Violations of IMU/DGS Code of Conduct.
  • Violations of SCI/MTI Campus Rules (MTI Code of Conduct as annexed)
  • Violations of Information Technology laws.



  • On receipt of any complaint against a course participant regarding the above mentioned violations, a show cause will be issued by the respective course officers/Deans to the Participant for explanation of the violation and as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against him/her.
  • If the explanation is not found to be satisfactory then a disciplinary committee will be nominated by the Principal (MTI) to deal with the case on request of course officer(s)/Dean(s). (P&A).
  • The disciplinary committee will inquire into the violations and will submit a report to the Principal with its recommendations for the Penalty to be awarded to the Participant.
  • On basis of the report, Principal (MTI) may award the Penalty to the Participant as per the severity of the violation (P&A).
  • The findings of the inquiry and recommended penalty will be conveyed to SCI Management. In case, the accused is not satisfied with the judgement/Penalty imposed by the Inquiry Committee / Principal then he/she may appeal to the Higher Authority (Director(P&A)) (P&A).



The Principal or the Head of the Institution may inflict the
following punishment:
  • Back in Sea time for 6 months or 12 months based on the severity of violation
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion /Removal from the course
  • Rustication for a specified period
  • Denial of admission to courses of study in the College/Institution concerned.
  • Denial of admission to the hostel maintained by the University/College or Institution.
  • Withdrawal of scholarship or free ship
  • Fine for an amount to be specified by order or any other amount which the competent authority deems fit and proper in the circumstances of the case.