Campus at a Glance

Campus at a Glance

Maritime Training Institute


Setting up of Maritime Training Institute (MTI) on 45 acres of land in prime area at shores of Powai Lake was amongst the most important development of The Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) Ltd. No other Shipping company in the world was known to have set up a training facility on that scale during 1980s. During the initial years of inception, MTI was like the solitary reaper in the area of Powai, which was then a jungle abound with hillocks, wild life and thick green cover.

Over the period, MTI adapted to the changing environment. MTI became easy accessible because of its bus stand for public transport and its free bus service to participants every weekday from Andheri and Ghatkopar railway station.

MTI Powai also advanced its facilities for Maritime Education and Training including WORKSHOPS (Welding, Fitting, Carpentry, Plumbing, Physics, Chemistry, Seamanship, Hydraulic Pneumatic, Computer), Library (with more than 7,000 books), SIMULATORS, laboratories i.e. ROC-ARPA, GMDSS, Bridge Simulator and ECDIS. Advanced fire fighting training MOCK-UP at MTI, is one of the oldest and the best in India now.

SCI-MTI has become the first Wi-Fi enabled Green Campus in Maritime Education Industry. On 23rd January 2017, Shri Rajive Kumar, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Shipping inaugurated 353.5 KWP Grid connected Roof Top Solar Power Plant at Maritime Training Institute, Powai in total Roof Top area of 5,650 Sq. Mtr. MTI is also utilizing the natural waste (leaves etc) to create manure and Lake Water for gardening work in MTI campus. The capacity of the Solar Power plant is further enhanced to 0.5 MW.