Career at Sea

Engineering Officer

What qualities and skills do I need?

Engineering Officers operate and maintain all the propulsion, power generation and distribution systems throughout the ship. So you’ll need to be practical, resourceful and have a real interest in mechanical and electrical systems. Along with good maths, written and verbal communication skills, you’ll be the kind of person who’s decisive, calm and able to inspire confidence in others. Overall, you’ll always be prepared to learn about new technology and adapt your skills to using it.

Role of an Engineering Officer involves

As an Engineering Officer, you operate and maintain all the mechanical and electrical equipment on board the ship. You’ll be responsible for power generation and distribution, lifts, refrigeration plant, pumping and ventilation systems.

Using a bank of high-tech instrumentation, you’ll monitor hydraulic and control equipment, and take charge of sophisticated engine management. 

There will be many opportunities to put your engineering problem-solving skills to the ultimate test. After all, at sea, if something goes wrong you can’t just pull in to the nearest garage. It will be up to you to diagnose the fault, get the equipment dismantled, repaired, reassembled and back into operation.

Once you’re a Senior Engineering Officer, you’ll lead and supervise a team of professional engineering personnel at sea and in port. You can then set your sights on the top position in the engineering department – Chief Engineer.